Attending McGill Orientation 2019 is the best way to meet new friends, explore Montreal and have a fantastic first year at McGill University!



Orientation Week is a week of events that takes place during the days leading up to the beginning of classes. It is an excellent opportunity for new students to get to know the University, the city of Montreal, other new students, and upper-year students. It comprises University-wide Discover McGill day, student-run multi-day Froshes, Academic Expectations sessions, Off-Campus Connects, and much more!

Orientation Week is your time to discover all the great things McGill has to offer. It is the one time of the year when the entire University focuses on the needs of incoming students. From Campus Life & Engagement’s University-wide Discover McGill event, academic advising sessions, to student-run Froshes, there is no shortage of events and activities for you. In addition, there is no better time to meet people, from support staff & advisers to fellow first-years to upper-year students, through informative, fun and engaging events. The memories you make and people you meet during the week will be a great start to your McGill career.

  • The Orientation Week events and programming listed on this website are for all new undergraduate students at McGill University. “New students” includes students entering their first year of university at McGill in the Fall, students who entered McGill in the Winter term of the previous academic year, transfer students new to McGill, and exchange students new to McGill.
  • Returning students, family members, alumni and (non-McGill-attending) friends of new students are not permitted to attend Orientation Week events.

Depending on what you choose to do, participation in Orientation Week can cost as little as completely free. Most individual events are free or have minimal costs. However, there is a cost associated with participating in any Frosh, which covers costs such as admission fees, transportation, and food. At times during Orientation/Frosh, additional food and beverage may be available at a cost.

For more information on Frosh pricing check out out Faculty Frosh and Non-Faculty Frosh pages! 


Orientation Week events involve campus-wide collaborations with organizations including Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E), other University and Student Services, Faculties, academic departments , Faculty student associations, and different campus student clubs and associations..

If the event’s registration has been capped/sold out, check back frequently to see if spots have opened up because of un-registration. A waiting list function is not available. Some events (e.g. Academic Expectations Day sessions) do not have caps and will allow you to add the event to your calendar; however, the event will still be first-come-first-served and the room capacity will dictate how many can attend.

We ask that you register for all events you intend on attending. Event organizers will receive a list of all registered students. If you come to an event without having pre-registered, the organizer may turn you away, especially if the event capacity has been reached. Registering will help you track your schedule, provide organizers with attendance information, and secure your spot in a limited registration event. You also have to register and pay if you want to participate in any Frosh event.

The location, or starting location, for every event will be provided to you on your personal user page closer to the event date. Check out McGill’s map website or visit an on-campus AskMcGill kiosk for directions.

The large majority of events during Orientation Week will not be serving alcohol. However, some events during the week (mostly Froshes) may include the option to purchase alcoholic beverages. Please note that the legal drinking age in Quebec is 18 and all establishments and stores will require government issued proof of age to purchase alcohol. It is also not permitted to sell alcohol to persons under the age of 18. Carrying open containers of alcohol in non-designated areas, such as Montreal streets, is illegal and may result in a substantial fine.

If you miss Discover McGill, stop by Campus Life & Engagement, Suite 203, 1010 Sherbrooke Street. The entrance is off Metcalfe, below Sherbrooke Street. You will receive an orientation package and will be able to talk with their knowledgeable staff.

McGill Student Services

The Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E) team is a part of McGill Student Services and specializes, in part, in the transition into your first year of university. They help you settle in and find the people and services you need to start your university career. Campus Life & Engagement is located at 1010 Sherbrooke St., Suite 203 (entrance off Metcalfe Street, below Sherbrooke Street). You can also reach CL&E by email or phone 514-398-6913.

This Orientation season be sure to visit an AskMcGill kiosk to have your questions answered! You will find it on main campus at “the crossroads” from Wednesday, August 21-Friday, August 30, 2019. Kiosks are staffed by students who are available to help you discover the tools you need to find the answers you are looking for! The AskMcGill kiosk is also where you can go in-person with your Orientation Week registration questions and troubleshooting. The permanent AskMcGill Information Centres located in the Brown Student Services Building and Service Point, are open year-round to provide you with ongoing support! You can also access the AskMcGill online instant answer service at mcgill.ca.

  • During Frosh, make sure to look out for “Access Allies” who are dispersed throughout each Faculty Frosh and will be identifiable by the “Access Allies” badges they will be wearing. Access Allies are Frosh Leaders and O-Staff who are trained more extensively on how to promote accessibility and mental health during Frosh. They are available to listen and support students with accessing every Frosh event. Furthermore, they have an increased awareness for identifying accessibility barriers and troubleshooting accessibility needs during Frosh.

  • We also suggest that you connect with McGill’s Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) about support services available to students while at McGill.

And More!

Please contact Campus Life & Engagement with any questions or comments related to this website.

Feel free to email at firstyear@mcgill.ca, or to call at +1 514-398-6913. Make sure also to check out the McGill Orientation Week Facebook page to stay up-to-date!

Orientation activities are for student participation only. If your parents want to learn more about McGill, we encourage them to check out our McGill Parents Tent and Parent Information Sessions. Browse the Parents & Family section of this website for more information. They can also visit the Parents page on the website for First-Year Students.

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