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Faculty Froshes are exclusive to Students who have been accepted into a given Faculty.

Faculty Froshes are a great way to meet students from your area of of study! 


Whether you are new to the city of Montreal or have been living here your entire life, Arts Frosh is the perfect way to jumpstart your university experience. You and other incoming students in the Arts Faculty will be places in groups led by upper year students who will give you all the tips and tricks on McGill and answer any questions you may have.

Not only is this an amazing opportunity to get to know people, but throughout the week you will be taking part in various fun activities. Our team of coordinators have been working really hard to plan activities such as the Montreal Crawl, a Boat Cruise, Beach Day, various night events and much more. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to discover McGill, the city of Montreal and meeting new people! We can’t wait to see you!

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Arts & Science Orientation Week is a great opportunity to get to know other incoming students in the Faculty of Arts & Science in a fun, inclusive, and memorable way! We are not to be confused with the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science- we’re a perfect mix
of both! By participating in our Orientation Week, you will have the chance to discover Montreal through exciting activities like a food crawl, a day at Beach Club in Pointe-Calumet with all the other faculties, night events with great performers, and so much more.

Most of all, you’ll make amazing friendships that will last far beyond this week of your life. Be sure to keep up with us on our Facebook Page (Arts & Science Orientation Week), our Instagram account (@mcgill_artsci_frosh), and our website
Our Orientation Week is not to be missed, so we hope to see you there!

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What is frosh you may be asking? Frosh is a 4-day event held from Thursday, August 29th to Sunday September 1st 2019 that introduces you to the McGill community, campus, as well as your very own faculty! Throughout the 4 days, you will be placed in a group of fellow “froshies” from your incoming class, led by 4 leaders (students studying in the faculty of education) who will be your guides and mentors for the duration of frosh! With your group, you will follow a detailed and fun-filled schedule with many diverse activities and events, such as park party, pub crawl, and a frosh-favourite event, BEACH DAY!

Fret not, there will also be times in between events for you to take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries! Why should YOU participate in frosh? Well not only do you get AWESOME SWAG such as an exclusive education frosh t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, mug and bag, frosh is a FUN & SAFE way to get to know the city of Montreal, the university and meet new friends through various events and activities led by thoroughly trained and knowledgeable upperclassmen and is an overall MEMORABLE experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

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Welcome to McGill Engineering! We here at the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) would like to wish you a warm welcome to your next three or four (or more) years at McGill. The EUS is the student-run representative body of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. As an undergraduate engineer you are automatically a member of the EUS, so we’re excited to meet you! Your first chance to get involved in the EUS will be at Engineering Frosh 2019 – Frosh 3019.

Frosh is the largest event of the Fall semester, with the overwhelming majority of the 800 new engineering students taking part. The week is jam packed with events (see the schedule below) and it’s where you’ll make many of your new friends at McGill. The team of Engineering Frosh Coordinators, composed entirely of engineering students, has been working hard all summer to bring you the most exciting week possible. Check out our event trailer and our Facebook/Instagram pages, and email us any time at

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Nearly 40 years after their boom, arcade games have returned for one last week in the global spotlight, this time in the form of Macdonald Campus’ 2019 Frosh week! Collect your tokens, don your adventure caps, and get ready for a week of Froshcade! Mac Frosh is a week-long combination of events designed to get you familiar with your peers— both in your year and those above. Among plenty of other activities, including several with downtown faculties, Mac Frosh offers a canoe day, a field day, a club night, and an all-faculty concert! For one all-inclusive price, you can participate in McGill longest and most exciting Frosh week!

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Hi Froshies!! Climb aboard and get ready to cast off on the beginning of your Bronfman adventure: four days and four nights of the most unique and exciting events you’ve ever experienced.

Deep Sea Diving through the city’s best bars and restaurants to the exclusive Management-only night events, to a trip to Montreal’s own Beach Day Paradise, we guarantee a crazy week ahead of you. It’s time to meet your fellow explorers and prepare for the next few years at Desautels Faculty of Management.

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Welcome to McGill Music Frosh! Students entering into Faculty of Music are invited to participate in the four-day-long journey where they will have an opportunity to meet fellow classmates, and explore Montreal and campus life through memorable and exciting events. You only Frosh once, so don’t miss it!

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The Physical & Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Society of McGill University is proud to present Orientation Week 2019! This is an annual welcome week of events held for first year students, introducing them to life at McGill, and giving them the opportunity to interact with fellow incoming students and mentors in their faculty. It includes events such as a sports day at Park Jeanne-Mance, a pub crawl downtown, Beach Day, and much more!
If you have any questions regarding PTOT Frosh, do not hesitate to contact us at or on our Facebook page at

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Farm Frosh is the 2019 Orientation Week for students entering the McGill Faculty of Science in the 2019-2020 academic year. When students register for Frosh, they’re signing up for four days of exciting Montreal explorations and amazing events at some of Quebec’s staple venues. Frosh is incoming student’s introduction to the McGill campus and Montreal in a safe and inclusive environment. With the guidance of Frosh Leaders (upper year McGill students who undergo intensive harm reduction and leadership training in preparation for Frosh), Farm Frosh is an incoming student’s chance to experience what McGill has to offer.

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2019 is a Collaborative Project

facilitated by McGill Campus Life and Engagement