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What is frosh?

Froshes run from August 29 to September 1, and are awesome, multi-day events run by student organizations and bring new students together in a social environment.

They’re the perfect way to get oriented to the city and to social life at McGill!


  • Orientation Week is a multi-day period encompassing all the different events for incoming students hosted by a number of groups. Frosh is student-run, coordinated by either a club, group, or Faculty/School student association and is primarily comprised of social activities. Frosh is part of the larger Orientation Week.
  • Students registering for Frosh on the Lower Field of McGill’s Downtown Campus or Centennial Centre on Macdonald Campus should bring a copy of their McGill Student ID card, which can be picked up at the Service Point Building on McTavish or Laird Hall on Macdonald Campus. Keep in mind that to receive your bracelet, you must have completed the McGill online consent module and paid your Frosh registration fee beforehand.
  • Although McGill encourages students to build bonds outside of your Faculty, Faculty Froshes are conducted with the purpose of getting to know other students in your Faculty and we do not permit you to register for a Frosh outside your Faculty. In addition, many of the larger activities during Faculty Frosh are done with other Faculties, so you will still get the opportunity to meet other new students outside your Faculty.
  • If an extenuating circumstance exists, such as a Frosh reaching its registration capacity, students may email the outside Faculty’s Frosh organizers and an exception may be made. Non-Faculty Froshes do offer the opportunity to meet students outside your Faculty, if that is an important consideration for you.
  • Although it is not encouraged, you can do both a Faculty and Non-Faculty Frosh. You will be charged the full price for each Frosh regardless of how many events you attend and may be required to arrange for transportation between the two on your own. Please make sure that both sets of Frosh Leaders are aware of how you will be dividing your time.
  • No, you are not required to attend every event in the week or in your schedule. While we encourage incoming students to make the most of what Orientation Week and Frosh has to offer, we also encourage students to self-care and take breaks as need be. If you are going to miss an event during Frosh, please inform your Leaders.
  • If you cannot participate in every activity during Frosh (i.e. you need to leave at certain points), you are still welcome to participate in most Froshes (Some Outdoor Frosh options may require that you be available from the start to end date). As with other cases, partial fees for frosh are unfortunately not available. Please contact your Frosh organizers for more information. Please always inform your Frosh Leaders if you will be missing an event.
  • Reimbursements are only offered under extenuating or health-related circumstances.
  • If a situation arises where you can no longer participate in Frosh and you wish to be reimbursed, you must contact the relevant Frosh coordinators through their website.
  • See Faculty Frosh Websites ->
  • See Non-Faculty Frosh Websites ->
  • Every School/Faculty at McGill technically belongs to a Frosh, although your program name may not appear in the title of your Frosh. Here are some of the most common examples we see of this:
    • Architecture students participate in Engineering Frosh.
    • Kinesiology (BSc) students participate in Education Frosh.
    • Nursing students participate in Science Frosh.
    • Pre-Med or Pre-Dent students participate in Science Frosh.
    • Social Work and Religious Studies students participate in Arts Frosh.
  • Orientation Leaders are upper-year students who support Orientation Week activities, namely Discover McGill and Frosh. Discover McGill Leaders are upper-year students in your Faculty who will help guide you through the day’s activities. Frosh Leaders are upper-year students who will guide you through the days’ activities throughout Frosh.
  • Although Discover McGill and Frosh share the same pool of student Leaders, please note that your Discover McGill Leaders may not end up also being your Frosh Leaders. Leaders are extensively trained by the University on topics such as consent and responding to disclosures, safety, equity and diversity, accessibility, community-building, communications, and conflict management.

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